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I love Danielle but i don’t think she should be number 1, Candice diserves more than her.We all know Olivia Munn is sexy, she doesn’t need to be on this list to remind you. The Sophie Turner Container Sophie Turner is best known to American television viewers as ‘ Sansa Stark. It was bad enough having Lucy Hale and Jane Levy here last time, when they were in their early twenties. This shows up in fiction, but is also Truth in Television when it comes to Cosplay and Halloween outfits (like in the picture).

Yet they aren't sold on the kinky sites, but mainstream stores.

Sure, she plays a teenager in the show, but while the Sansa character may be young, Sophie Turner has such a classic and sophisticated look she MUST be one of those “twenty-somethings playing a teenager”, right? Bridget Mendler at 22 is among this edition’s youngest, and she primarily makes the list as recognition of her transition from Disney Channel star to network sitcom player.


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