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He said: “My dad just says find your passion and pursue it.”And having previously suggested he wanted to serve as a Royal Marine, the teenager also revealed his experience onstage had made him consider taking up a career as an actor.

The Fringe play which Jack performs in combines the past and present to tell its ghostly tale.

But Gordon Ramsay’s son Jack is now involved in drama of a very different kind - after making his debut as an actor.

On Friday, the 17-year-old took to the stage for the first time at the Edinburgh Fringe.

His favourites so far have been Tape Face – a mime and former America’s Got Talent contestant - and Our Man in Havana – a fast-paced physical spy comedy set in Cuba.

Asked if he would consider a career in acting, he said: “It’s definitely an option, I really enjoy it.”But, Jack – who counts Brooklyn Beckham as a close friend - hasn’t decided exactly which career to pursue just yet.

Dad Gordon announced last year that his son was intent on serving his country by joining the Royal Marines when he was 17, and Jack admitted that was still a possibility.

The production weaves together the stories of three generations of Cranholme Abbey’s heirs as the mystery unfolds.


Mr Easterbrook said: 'We have sold nine million extra cups during 2009.

Families abandoning more expensive restaurants during the recession helped Mc Donald's sell a record number of burgers last year.



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