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TRAVIS FIMMEL AT THE CRESCENT BEVERLY HILLS IN LOS ANGELES. His early career had plenty of false starts, and he famously became a model in the early 2000s so he could extend his U. It has long been suggested that, at some point, Ragnar’s sons will replace him in the main narrative, and, after April’s mid-season finale, it seemed like the time had come.

GROOMING: MARISSA MACHADO/ART DEPARTMENT USING KEVIN. He’s kind and polite, and quick to deflect the conversation back onto you: Where did you grow up? The youngest of three boys, Fimmel grew up on a cattle farm in Australia, and lived in London for a while before settling in Los Angeles to become an actor. Since he made his debut as Ragnar Lothbrook, the protagonist of is still the project everyone is buzzing about.

Andrew Haigh’s “Lean On Pete” won the top prize, the Crystal Arrow, as well as best actor (Charlie Plummer), cinematography (Magnus Nordenhof Jønck) and original score (James Edward Barker) at the 9th edition of Les Arcs European Film Festival.

Starring Travis Fimmel, Steve Buscemi and Chloë Sevigny, “Lean On Pete” world premiered at Venice Film Festival where it earned Plummer a best actor nod.

"That hair that says 'I just murdered my much older minister husband and escaped with his valuables in a Walgreens bag,'" she wrote.

She was milking at 85 before my granddad died, and then she couldn’t get out there anymore.

I remember when I was seven or eight or something we had a little white pony. But we did most of our stuff on the motorbikes, because it was all very flat where we’re from.

actor were spotted on set on Thursday (April 13) in Brooklyn, New York.


The duo are reportedly working on an untitled short film together. FIMMEL: I remember putting gel in my hair—I had the spike and the rat’s tail.


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