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According to a Census Bureau report released Thursday, workers in the New York metro area require an average 34.6 minutes to get to their jobs. It’s not bad – about the same as in 2000, actually – but it’s no Great Falls. We put cardboard on our pickup truck radiators, in addition to plugging in the block heaters. At just 14.2 minutes, the average commute in Montana’s third-largest city is beating New York’s by 20 minutes.The metro areas with the longest commutes in the United States are New York, at 34.6 minutes; Washington, 33.4 minutes; Poughkeepsie, New York, 32.2 minutes; Bremerton-Silverdale, Washington, 30.8 minutes; Chicago, 30.7 minutes; Winchester, Virginia, 30.3 minutes; Atlanta, Georgia, 30.1 minutes; Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, California, 30 minutes; Stockton, California, 29.8 minutes; Baltimore, Maryland, 29.7 minutes.The shortest commutes: Great Falls, Montana, at 14.2 minutes; Lewiston, Idaho, 14.7 minutes; Grand Forks, North Dakota,15.1 minutes; Lubbock, Texas,15.5; Missoula, Montana, 15.8 minutes; San Angelo, Texas, 15.9 minutes; Cheyenne, Wyoming, 15.9 minutes; Midland, Texas, 16 minutes; Lawton, Oklahoma, 16 minutes and Decatur, Illinois, 16.5 minutes.Take me back to old Montana Where there’s plenty of room and air Where there’s cottonwood an’ pine trees Bitter root and prickly pear Where there ain’t no pomp nor glitter Where a shilling’s called a “bit” Where at night the magpies twitter Where the Indian fights were fit.Take me back where the sage is plenty, Where there’s rattlesnakes and ticks; Where a stack of “whites” costs twenty, Where they don’t sell gilded bricks.By 2009, that number jumped to 120 million, and 76.1% drive alone.But the 5% of commuters who get to work using trains, trolleys, buses and ferries have longer commutes than those who drive.



He sighed about crossing town, and I told him not to worry…you can get anyplace practically in 15 minutes in Great Falls. ) Here’s the article from CNN…from about two years ago.

After moving back to Fort Benton for a short time in my teens, I’d often return to Great Falls with my friends.


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