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ORTM (which means “Office of Radio and Television of Mali”) is the most popular and one of the oldest TV channels of Mali, a small state located in West Africa.

A BBC spokesperson said: “We can’t comment on individuals but treat any allegations seriously and have processes in place for investigating them.” The BBC have also reported the story on their own news channel but did not comment further.

Presenter Nicky Campbell instantly gave Jonathan Goldberg QC a verbal slap on the wrist to tell the foul-mouthed big cat that his language was "unacceptable" and apologised to his flabbergasted audience.

BBC Radio 5 Live lost nearly half a million listeners this year, as sports fans turn elsewhere for news.

The station – which devotes huge swathes of airtime to football and rugby commentary - now gets fewer than 5.07million listeners every week, down nearly eight per cent from more than 5.50million a year ago.

article was “an inaccurate portrayal of conversations women at the BBC have been having”.Radio 5 Live presenter George Riley has been suspended by the BBC following claims of sexual harassment, according to reports.


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