Dating penguin lighter

'The strategy is simple: Battle the homewrecker - until he flees'.

But the homewrecker penguin isn't willing to go down without a catfight that could be straight out of Days of Our Lives. The two male penguins immediately begin to duke it out, turning their beaks into swords in their fight for love. 'Most birds have hollow bones in their wings, to make them lighter for flight.

'Now they are gauging out eyes.' The fight becomes even more vicious as the male penguins repeatedly peck each other, their tuxedos stained with more and more blood. The husband penguin makes one last plea for his wife but, as the narrator says: 'She's got no time for losers.' 'Defeated and humiliated,' the narrator adds, 'He's left out in the cold.' It is a heartbreaking ending to the video, which has quickly captured the nation's attention.

National Geographic posted the video to its official Twitter account on Friday, and it has already been retweeted nearly 160,000 times. '2016 is the year love actually died.' But, ever the calming presence, the narrator reassures us that not all is lost for the male penguin.'He'll lick his wounds and move on,' the calming voice says.

The vicious showdown that ensued between the two male penguins was captured in a National Geographic video that rivaled an episode of The Real World. The video's narrator calmly explains that 200,000 penguins are returning to fix up their nests and breed.But its not her husband she chooses, its the homewrecker.


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