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Before you start working on this assignment you should read the QUT Cite/Write guide to the Written Assignment ( It is important that you read this document, as all assignments will be marked under the assumption that you have read and understood the guidelines in this document.If you are concerned about your ability to complete the written requirements for this assignment, seek support from QUT’s Academic Language and Learning Services (https:// or ask at the Library Learning and Research Desk I will provide information about myself and a draft of the essay I already started so that you get the general idea of how I want it to appear.I only need 275 words, but make it good; I am even willing to pay more!The references you use in this assignment must be satisfactory according to the CARS criteria, which is provided on blackboard (this does not mean that the resources are high on each individual criteria, but they must be high on some or most and they should be used appropriately).If you have any concerns about how to search for the information you need, or how to evaluate the quality of the literature you have found, you should contact a librarian or an INB180 staff member.


Your assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file. Times New Roman or Arial) and an appropriate size (e.g. Section headings are recommended to help make your points and overall argument clear. You need to decide what interests you from the lectures – you do not need to necessarily agree with the points made in the lectures – you may choose to make an argument that runs contrary to what was discussed in class or you may just wish to explore one of the topics in more detail.However, it is essential that you do some research of your own to find additional information and references (e.g., journal articles, articles on websites).


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