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In short order, police returned with warrants and soon found five oak barrels containing an estimated two hundred fifty gallons of Wild Turkey bourbon.The distillery’s branding was coated in black paint.The tipster said Searcy stopped at Curtsinger’s place along his delivery route between the Wild Turkey Distillery, in Lawrenceburg, and the company’s warehouse in Nicholasville, 25 miles away.During the stop, Searcy and Curtsinger unloaded five, 500-pound American White Oak barrels.“It’s a simple theft case, completely solvable,” he told the reporter.It would be years before Melton realized how right – and how wrong – he’d actually been. According to the text received by Farmer, a longtime employee at Buffalo Trace, Toby Curtsinger, 46, and his friend, a delivery driver for Wild Turkey, Sean Searcy, 49, were responsible for stealing large quantities of whiskey.The smell of bourbon was distinct – sweet and strongly alcoholic, with a note of yeasty caramel.


He had a two-hundred-square-mile county to police, nearly fifty thousand souls.Each held as much as 53-gallons of Wild Turkey whiskey.



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    The by-now eight troops of Suffolk Yeomanry originally formed in 1793 were formed into the First Regiment Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Calvary. At Chedburgh the Marquess of Bristol built a school for Jonathan Cooper, probably a former soldier, to use for his classes.

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