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Colliander’s guitar was responsible for the country feel – and I suppose the steel guitar did add a ‘hypnotic’ twist too. Not totally disgusting but very watery and lacking aromas, similar to many cheap supermarket blends. By the way, here's Ryanair's tasteful advertising... Your version is about resisting temptation and only buying one cd rather than five and then trying to convince yourself that money has been saved because four have been put back. It’s the same with drink.) Anyway, I’m looking for Doctor Dog. I found myself crushed against the C section looking into the eyes of Gene Clark (the alcoholic singer songwriter) It seemed too much of a coincidence. To be sure, the single ‘New light of tomorrow’ could have come straight out of a Lynch film, but a lot of the rest of the short set wouldn’t have been out of place on a Jim White album – although there was perhaps less of Jim’s eccentric and black humour, and more bleak rain swept and sun-deprived Finnish landscapes (the band claim to produce “exquisite music to shield themselves from the bitter cold of Finland’s harsh artic winters” but somehow I don’t think they can quite escape it). The finish is quite long, at that, with a funny salty feeling on the tongue. But let’s taste this 'condomised' whiskey now, as the actress said to the bishop… Nose : well, it does smell whisky indeed but it’s very weak. Whiffs of rotting oranges, and perhaps traces of burnt meat. Chatty and happy even if his songs were of despair and heartbreak. A very very good voice, a natural blues voice rather than the swallowing technique which makes the singer sound like she’s singing in Martian in a empty metal septic tank. You get the feeling her personality is drowning as the buttons of style are pressed (bit of nu-soul? One was Maggie Bell who formed Stone The Crows and then .. Like gunslingers at dawn we stared at each other through dead eyes, waiting to see who would blink first. A strawberry milkshake from Skye rather than a Talisker, but yes, I liked it. Long, powerful, salty finish, with also some pineapple (some fruit, finally! Violet sweets, beeswax, strong honey, Smyrna raisins… Also some notes of wet fallen leaves, green tea and old books. Mouth: punchy and a little too spirity but it’s also very nicely herbal, on Chinese green tea this time. Recommended listening: I should not like this kind of song, this kind of music, this kind of arrangement, yet I love it! Anyway, have a try at Heather Dale singing 'May queen.mp3' and see if you agree with me... 'These Rocking Chairs are made from Oak that was reclaimed from a Whisky Distillery in Edinburgh. Realize you've given address of the local football club. We both refuse to be drawn into any audience participation, and he, at least to my way of thinking, clapped somewhat too enthusiastically. Yes, even the over-overproduced Other side of the world.mp3. It just lacks aromas and flavours, and is perhaps a bit too close to ‘alcohol’. Goes on with some hot butter, fudge, warm apple pie… Definitely a nice nose, if not totally typical Clynelish. Mouth: a superb attack, powerful, very special and so typically Clynelish this time. ) into a frenzy as she Yippe-aye-ayed her way through the middle section of the wonderfully poppy ‘Summertime cowboy’, thigh slapping and all (curiously The Photographer said this was irritating). In the same league as some Macallans (Gran Reserva), perhaps better. The burnt tastes get stronger and stronger, but there’s almost no finish except kind of a bitterness. ) difficult to hear, and she whipped the Finnish boys in the crowd (have you ever heard Finnish heckling Serge? An extraordinary balance, quite unexpected, to be honest. Lots of caramel, lots of overcooked or burnt ‘things’, orange liqueur, grain… Please buy their music - they have a CD out, 'Standards' ( Nose: very bold, bourbonny attack, on light caramel and breakfast honey. A bit too hot, I’d say, but water doesn’t really improve it. In short, it’s rather nice and enjoyable but perhaps it lacks a little extra-complexity. Recommended listening - sure they seem to be completely crazy but have a listen to Tortelvis and Dread Zeppelin playing Heartbreak hotel.mp3 and don't tell me it's not, at least, amusing. () When I turn around I’m wedged in by a crowd of remarkably clean and glossy young people. Right enough, there’s a stage, a mic and a big screen saying “K.


Cold overcooked coffee, burnt caramel, overripe oranges… I had a try at the music of that lassie from Skye and my daughter jumped into my room, wondering if I was alright. The finish is rather long and quite salty, with also something ‘chemical’. Very grainy and very herbal, getting even sort of violent. Also some cardboardy notes, porridge, Schweppes, Alka-Seltzer… Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too bad in fact, just a little too bitter. Nose: rather punchy, starting on some toasted bread and gin.Glen Albyn - Glenallachie Glenburgie - Glencadam Glencraig - Glendronach Glendullan - Glen Elgin Glenesk - Glenfarclas Glenfiddich - Glen Garioch Glenglassaugh - Glengoyne Glen Grant - Glen Keith Glenkinchie - Glenlivet Glenlochy - Glenlossie Glen Mhor - Glenmorangie Glen Moray - Glen Ord Glenrothes - Glen Scotia Glen Spey - Glentauchers Glenturret - Glenugie Glenury Royal Recommended listening: always a good laugh, Toby Keith doing I'll never smoke weed with Willie again.mp3 (on the Bob and Tom radio show). ) A very ‘vegetal’ peat at first, getting then very maritime, in a very delicate way. What a sublime nose, very fresh and very complex – and clean! Peat, pepper, ginger enter the dance right from the start, the whole being perfectly ‘rounded’. Bold and compact – and very quaffable – even if, again, it lacks a bit of extra-complexity.

I know, Toby doesn't look too 'funny' on the picture... (note to self: try this one again soon and write some more detailed tasting notes! Gets slightly rubbery (bicycle inner tube) and tarry. Develops on gentian spirit, liquorice roots, tea, quite earthy. Pretty nice nose, I didn’t know they were still making such great whisky at Glen Garioch in 1988. ) Also some notes of great old rum and even Marc de Bourgogne spirit (earthy flavours).

After a while the blanks are filled with random letters and numbers.



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