Massage dating anchorage


We hired a new manager who is horrible and pretty much makes us do her job.

You won't get paid as much as it says on the application, you'll only make minimum plus commission for sales.

I loved the people I worked with but management and the clients make it unbearable.

This job has terrible clients and terrible management the best thing about this place is only some of our coworkers other than that this massage envy is very unorganized and have a lot of issues they need to deal with in regards to management I strongly recommend you go elsewhere I worked at a ME for about 2 months.

Although I didn't take advantage of health benefits, they were available.

As a new hire fimront desk associate we were able to try all of the services offered at the clinic once for free and discounted every time after.

Management is always late and attitude is on a constant roller coaster, everyone has multiple personal family issues that they bring to work with them.


Shortly after starting there the owner sold to a new person and everything went downhill (not because of the new owners, they're great, but because at this time everyone started quitting because they were afraid of what was going to happen).Was never fully trained to where i could earn commission because they didnt have "time".


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    Food or beverages are banned, but empty, transparent water bottles 24 ounces or smaller will be allowed.» Backpacks and other opaque bags will not be allowed at the course.

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