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A time when a man’s ambition determined how high he would rise, how many men he would lead, and how many lands he would conquer. To be ambitious in times past meant you had to bring yourself closer to death’s door on a more frequent occurrence.

There was a time when the TV remote wasn’t yet invented and the sword was handled in its stead.

In March 2014, Pia Mia released the song with an accompanying music video on her You Tube channel after the cover she performed for Drake at a Kardashian-Jenner dinner, which filmed by Kim Kardashian, went viral.

On December 23, 2013, Pia Mia released The Gift online for free.

In February 2014, Pia Mia signed a multi-album deal with American record label Interscope Records.

"Fight For You", a collaboration with Chance the Rapper written especially for the 2014 science-fiction action film Divergent, was featured on the film's original soundtrack. However, it failed to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Though we’re in a pitiful state, we are not doomed as toughness can always be regained and grit re-learned.



Of course we want to aid and help and provide something to our fellow man, but many of us, though the times don’t allot us the same violent victory, want to rise up, literally, standing on the bodies of our enemies, sitting on the throne, leading the warriors who fight for us and beside us conquering an unjust ruler and promising to be a just one. To see something you’ve worked so hard at for so long come together and begin to grow and help and be of some service to the people you’re trying to benefit is a wondrous feeling.(born September 19, 1996), better known as Pia Mia, is an American singer, songwriter, and model.


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