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De datingsite Lexa is één van de grootste Nederlandse datingsites, samen met Relatieplanet.De site richt zich niet op een speciale doelgroep, en heeft de grootste naamsbekendheid van alle datingsites.They both have taken the responsibility of the actions upon themselves in many ways.And Finn’s death is what gave Lexa ultimate respect for Clarke.I only very recently discovered what “shipping” was. I think it’s such a wonderful, very new and unique and different thing for a relationship to explore on a young network, which is so, so great.[I thought] “why is everyone saying shipping all the time? I love that people are having such a positive response to it.Clarke, the Sky People’s leader, and Lexa, the Grounders’ commander, have grown close as the two forces have teamed up in an alliance.


If those were the sacrifices they’ve had to make along the way, [they know] they’re aiming for a much greater goal in the end.

It’s very interesting to see the way they ebb and flow with each other.



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