Pay sex chat dating engagement crystal castles, however, is dedicated to "opening a few eyes about the AOL that exists behind the public-relations lies." It's a bitter place, the "observers" at feel personally betrayed, and the time and energy that once went gratis to AOL now goes into a well-organized online bashing.Ironically, has replicated the very same AOL system that its members charge once exploited them.AOL ran on an hourly rate system: For every hour spent online a user shelled out .50.Frequent users and role players like Nancy spent as much as 0 per month online.

Until 1993 the relationship between AOL and its volunteers was symbiotic.Asked about his motivation, the CL replies, "It's vanity.I've invested three years of my life here, and I don't want someone else to take it over."One might expect that the people suing AOL would be those who saw their areas fatten into cash cows - folks with a clear beef.They host chats, clean scatological posts off the message boards, and bust jerks for terms-of-service violations. On May 25, two of the seven filed a complaint against AOL in federal court in New York, the first volley in a class-action lawsuit that is expected to drag on for over a year.

Fourteen thousand volunteer CLs not only play hall monitor to AOL's vaunted "community," they are that community. Flexible: Some work as few as four per week, others put in as many as 60. A .95-per-month AOL account "empowered" with some special CL-only enhancements. Their attorney Leon Greenberg contends that the arrangement amounts to an illegal "cyber-sweatshop." On July 22, AOL announced the elimination of its youth corps, 350 teenaged CLs.fortune was built, and class-action lawsuit was born, on the fingers of tens of thousands of unpaid volunteers.


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