Who is rufus sewell dating now 2016

She hasn't done any media commitments since marrying Buddy Franklin to confirm she'll be known as Jesinta Franklin from now on, but it certainly seems like she's taken his name." data-srcset="https://d3lp4xedbqa8a5.cloudfront.net/s3/digital-cougar-assets/Elle/2016/11/08/105731/24-Jesinta.jpg?

width=690&height=&mode=crop&quality=75" data-reactid=".47168sivrs."/Jesinta Franklin The first clue Jesinta had gotten hitched was when she changed her Instagram handle from @jesinta_campbell to @jesinta_franklin the morning after her wedding.

The decision to take your spouse’s name after getting married is a very personal one, but for most of us who aren’t in the public eye, it doesn’t change the way we are known by millions of people.

When celebrities get married and change their name, it affects more than just their passport, driver’s licence and Instagram handle.

Although Victoria made a match in Prince Albert, played by Tom Hughes, camp Melbourne doesn't seem to mind whether the show sticks to the facts so that the lovable Lord can return to enchant the monarch again.


The couple announced their split in February 2016 after 10 years of marriage; they also have three children together and started up the natural skincare brand Milk & Co."In the next series she faces the very modern dilemma of how to juggle children with her husband and her job.



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