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Hurley said yesterday: '[Damian] definitely takes some, but I do have other friends that I can torture for some too.' A former soldier has admitted killing eight-year-old French schoolgirl Maelys de Araujo (right) who vanished from a wedding in the Alps and her remains have been found, a prosecutor announced on Wednesday.

The remains of Maelys, who went missing in August, were found after 34-year-old Nordahl Lelandais (left) agreed to cooperate with the police in the investigation after a trace of her blood had been found in his car.

Traumatized students said that once they heard reports of a mass shooting at the school they knew it would be Cruz, while one teacher said he had been identified as a potential threat to his classmates last year.

Horrifying cell phone footage reveals the moment a Florida teenager opened fire on his classmates injuring up to 50.

The Labour leader met the Czech agent at least three times after being vetted by communist handlers in 1986, papers reveal.

Two meetings took place in the heart of British democracy - the House of Commons.

Paddy Mc Guinness has been pictured comforting his tearful wife Christine (right), after photos of him arm-in-arm with Nicole Appleton during a night out in Soho emerged (top left).The particulars are certainly tempting: a 711-acre private island with more than a dozen white sandy beaches surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, and accessible only by boat or plane.This very private paradise comes complete with a grand mansion built of concrete and steel, guest cottages, staff quarters, a lighthouse, airstrip and even a museum.Marion Carstairs, who was born in Mayfair in 1900, sported tattoos and smoked cigars.

She preferred to be known as 'Joe', wore men's clothes and styled herself 'Queen of Whale Cay', ruling it with an iron fist.In photos taken on Tuesday, the comedian, 44, is seen drawing his emotional wife, 29, in for a hug, as they 'discussed their marriage woes' in a park near to their home in Cheshire (centre).


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