Sex meeting sites no credit card

You will then post the media to certain sites I specify, to keep a continuous content feed flowing and drive more traffic to my sites, using a case sensitive password and user name.TRANNY TRASH TEMPTRESS FOR VIDEO/PICTORIALS-- You are an EXHIBITIONIST.You will handle media and place it on Online Communities and in forums also.You will post my pics and Niteflirt call info as well.You will also find me other Word of Mouth Wenches and Slaves to work for me.FREE STUFF FINDING FUCKER-- You are to find me QUALITY free ways to market, promote, exchange links/banners, network and employ other slaves.

A script will be provided also, which you are to copy and paste, then simply post.You will also market your sex toy parties in local newspapers, magazines and in clubs and bars. You will receive a 10% commission for each total order. INSTEAD WE WILL LAUGH AT YOU AND TEASE YOU SOME MORE WITH OUR HOT PICS! All the Latest News and Updates You will obtain access to information only posted in the Private Pay Piggie$ area about special travel plans, party plans, newly available slave positions, meet and greet opportunities and more so that you may be close to me.You will recruit other affiliate sissies and you will receive 10% of their orders as well, on top of your own. Uncensored Video and Audio Recordings Only my owned slaves get to download all of my hot twisted videos vs buying them at Keen and Clips4Sale, one at a time..A list of sites that allow such advertising will be issued to you with easy to follow instructions on how to accomplish these tasks.


NETWORKING NYMPH-- Your job is to promote my Adult SOCIAL Network by placing my "network banner" and "network link" on your social network pages, in forums and other sites, as well as post informative "press releases" to provided (by me) site lists, describing my networks, shops, sites and blogs.

PRODUCTION PECKER-- As my Production Pecker, you will be receiving media from me, then you will edit and post the promising media and dispose of the trash media.


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